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Another Ruler in Bit Agusi? The cAin et-Tell Statue at the National Museum of Aleppo

Marina Pucci

Pages 43 - 73


Recent conflict in Syria has partially affected the collection of monumental statues preserved at the Nation¬al Museum of Aleppo, a collection that is strongly rooted in and connected to the history of the city. One of the most damaged sculptures was the cAin et-Tell statue; a restoration project in 2021 carried out by the University of Florence focused on this monument, which returned to the exhibition floor in October 2021. During this project it was possible to carry out a new analysis of its building features and detailed research on its archaeological context, providing new data on the cultural landscape of the Aleppo region during the 10th–9th centuries BC. The stylistic and iconographic features of the monument set the production of this statue in a cultural area related to north-western Syria, in particular the regions of Walistin, Gurgum and Samcal, while its location and role mirrors a multifaceted cultural landscape in the formation of the Bit Agusi kingdom and the role of Aleppo in the passage from Iron Age I to Iron Age II.


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